Work with me

Here’s the deal…

You know your family’s hugely important to you. You know you can’t brush aside (anymore) situations that are currently happening. When you ignore them or partially deal with them you know they’ll rear up and return with greater intensity. Whether you’re experiencing despair, frustration or befuddlement or know that you aren’t parenting the way you truly want to – because you simply don’t have the energy or strategies to do anything about it.

The change begins with you. YOU. No-one else (yet).

Small changes, change everything. Without a doubt.

You know you need to make changes — but you’re not sure how to implement them and sustain them?
Jump on a free 30 minute Discovery Session with me and let’s get it sorted!

My job…

…is to transform your life (and your family life) by making small changes in daily increments – to help you overcome the daily (and oh-not-so-daily) challenges and struggles and get you back on top and in control of your precious life – and get your ‘you’ back and (at the same time) have the kids eating out of your hands – well not literally!

Some common side effects of working with me!


  • Heightened clarity about what you want and what actually matters to you
  • Increase in good family habits – without having to give in all the time or shout (or even threaten) to make an impact – and be heard
  • Increased levels of confidence, self-esteem and faith in yourself
  • Loss of guilt and shame (We’ve all been there!)
  • Increased enjoyment in being with your children (Yes, really)
  • Raised awareness of the obvious (it’s the usually everyday stuff) that’s keeping you stuck
  • Being in charge of your life and playing it (and loving it) like you mean it
  • Discovering you again – finding your pathway to achieve your dreams and aspiration – even with a family
  • Increased feeling of being more in control – even when the going gets tough!

Oh, and you can actually start ENJOYING that thing you call your family.

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