—— Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Painful! ——

Do you remember that moment when you first held your child in your arms and looked at them in total wonder?

Do you recall the visions you had of what life would be like now your family was complete?

But doesn’t time fly?

In this high pressure, high stress world that we live in it doesn’t take long for these feelings of wonder and awe and love to be replaced with anxiety, stress, exhaustion, frustration, worry and fear… but it doesn’t have to be that way and that’s why I do what I do.

The secret to having a harmonious home is…

YOU! Yes, it’s true! The only person who can transform the dynamic in your family home is YOU.

And I want to show you how to do it.

Quickly, easily and with joy.

Imagine how wonderful it will be when the energy in your home is more harmonious…

When the sound of constant bickering is replaced with fits of giggles and family hugs…

When shopping trips don’t hold the threat of public embarrassment because your child could have a tantrum at any moment… and instead they become fun outings – imagine that!

When bedtimes look the way you always dreamt they’d look – with stories and cuddles and happy little faces snuggled under their duvets.

And when you know how to communicate with your child in any situation so that they can make the right decisions for themselves instead of you feeling the need to ‘make them’ do things.

“Don’t just parent your kids, develop them.” Robin Sharma

Ready to Transform Your Family Dynamic Forever?

Introducing a one day transformational experience for parents who want more for their life – and of course, for their children’s life too. In a single day you will reconnect to your own parenting intuition and relationships in your house will change for the better forever.

I know you’ve survived just fine so far, but this is about more than survival.

There is so much more at stake here. Your family. Your life. Your home.

Because time REALLY DOES fly…

And what this one day will REALLY give you… is the knowing that when the day comes when your little ones aren’t so little anymore and when your teenagers have turned into adults with their own lives and their own families… you will be able to look back on this time in your life with fond, warm memories instead of regrets.

I know you do your best every day already, but after this ONE day your best will be on a totally different level and your family life will become more full of all the wonderful stuff you dreamt it would be full of when you first held that little bundle in your arms.

Your parenting CAN be what you want it to be like.

Your family CAN be the way you dream.

And the memories you make every single day CAN be ones that you’ll cherish for many years to come instead of things you try desperately to brush under the carpet and forget about.

I created the Oh-So Special VIP Day because I know that parenting doesn’t follow a plan (as such) – but I do. That’s not to say that I’m going to give you an impossible to follow ‘routine’ like all those baby books used to try and do – no, there will be none of that.

But I know how to make sure your children cooperate all the time – whilst also making them happier and more empowered with every day that passes.

I help parents parent better! I will help you to:

  • Parent more confidently and consistently
  • Have luxurious guilt free time – by yourself and/or with your partner
  • Get taken seriously by your family – your kids, partner, immediate family
  • See positive results (almost) immediately
  • Reconnect with your parenting intuition
  • Feel proud of the parent you’ve become (wave good bye to the shouty, nagging person you once were)
  • Deal with situations easily and naturally (who wouldn’t want that?)
  • And most importantly, feel the calmness and contentedness that comes with plopping down on the sofa, having a cup of darjeeling, looking around you and really enjoying what you’ve created. Your family.

Bottom line: I’ll help you achieve whatever YOUR idea of I’ve-got-it-together-parenting is, top-to-bottom-and-inside-out so you can get back to the good stuff. Like enjoying your time. Like sunbathing or reading a book in peace. Like drinking Pina coladas and doing other saucy stuff. Nice!

Oh, and actually ENJOYING that thing you called your family.

If any of this is speaking to you, why not jump on a free 30 minute free call with me – so we can work out whether or not this is the best next step for you.

VIP buttonIf you’re raring to go and ready to book for the VIP now, without further ado, you need to contact me here so we can get the all important date in the diary!

I promise you, we can solve your biggest parenting challenges together!

“No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I’m not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal.” Bill Cosby

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