How to be super organised for school in September!

by Judith

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Judith Holloway works with entrepreneurial mums and helps them to be great in business and in the ‘business’ of parenting.

I know, there’s not much of the summer holiday left is there?
Where’s the time gone?
You thought you’d get this school uniform thing and being organised sorted and done earlier than last year — it’s now only a week or so to go before the schools start…

You can get sorted — very quickly.

You can be super organised without the tears or tantrums!
This organisation doesn’t have to take huge chunks of your time.
This organisation can give you more time.

1. Today, make sure all the uniform and PE kit has been washed. It might seem a silly thing to say now – I know many who’ve left it until (much) later to wash and sort out then end up panicking! Big time.

2. Check that the uniform and PE kit still fits all your children. You may have to have a quick ‘trying on’ session to check. Do it when you know you’ve got an unpressured half hour and make it fun. :)

3. Which items are very close to being outgrown?
If something is too small for one child can it be passed on to the next child?

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This table was a HUGE lifesaver for me when all my kids were at school. I couldn’t remember all the details of who needed what and when, who’d grown out of what and what could be passed on. Phew! Keeping all that information in my head was a huge strain and invariably items were forgotten and last minute shopping had to be done – yeuk and I’d be saying ‘hello’ to some tantrums as well. Not a great place to be in.

5. Write down all the information you need on the table about your children’s school wardrobe/equipment and then pin it prominently to your pin/notice board. If you haven’t got one – I’d heartily recommend you investing in one! (No more lost pieces of paper!)

6. Make a note (on the table) what needs repairing/name tags changed because clothing was passed on/new name tags etc.

7. Put all these items in a box/bag with a very large, dated label on it. Now you know what has to be repaired/stitched/name tagged and you can start to budget some time for doing those little jobs. You may need to prioritise your time and the school uniform type jobs you have to do.

8. All the uniform/PE kit that’s good to go, put in a dedicated school uniform place whether it’s in a drawer/wardrobe/plastic lidded under the bed type box so it’s easy to access and locate at all times. This is great for younger ones.
School shoes
9. Shoes! This is the last push towards getting ready for school. You’ll still have time to let your kids ‘break’ their new shoes in, polish them (teach your children how to polish shoes) and label them.

10. Congratulate yourself on doing such a fine job!

This is just the start of your organisational nirvana for the year ahead!

Drop me a comment below and let me know how you’ve got on …

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