The Parentpreneur’s Journey – a 21 Day Challenge

by Judith


Judith Holloway works with entrepreneurial mums and helps them to be great in business and in the ‘business’ of parenting.

There’s no easy way when it comes to growing a business and raising a family.

You know it and I know it!

Remember when you first found out you were pregnant?
Do you remember all the dreams you had for the kind of mother you were going to be? For many female entrepreneurs “the business baby” can sometimes end up more demanding than the real ones… and that can take you away from the real ones if you don’t find a way to strike the balance.

Join me for the 21 day challenge and discover how you CAN be, do and have both. How you CAN be a successful entrepreneur AND mummy! Join us here now!

This is for you if:

  • You want to make a positive impact in the world through your business but not at the detriment of your family life!
  • You started your business to lead by example and show your children they can have anything they want but what you’re actually showing them right now is that following your dreams is stressful and exhausting!
  • You want to feel like a successful business woman AND be an amazing mum too!
    Things don’t necessarily fall into place all at once or even at the same time


    The Benefits of a Challenge


    • Join a supportive community of women who understand you as a conscious business owner AND a conscious parent.
    • Immerse yourself in a safe space to explore the sacred journey of business & parenting.
    • Leave with clarity & confidence in yourself as a mother in business and start 2015 with a business that’s fully in alignment with your personal goals AND your family life.
      Stop waiting. Start ACTION!
      Join us here now!

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